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New: Buddhist Text Reader

New site dedicated to Chinese Buddhist vocabulary and texts.

Tip: Understanding basic search results

The dictionary has lots of useful information about Chinese words. See the Help section Understanding basic search results for an explaination.

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Tip: Disambiguating different senses of a Chinese word

Chinese is a rich language with a long history and this leads to words that have many different meanings. That is, the same character or combination of characters has different meanings in different contexts. See the help article Disambiguating different senses of a Chinese word for an explanation.

Tip: No matches found

If you do not get any matches found in the dictionary search try searching in phrase mode. Phrase mode will always find a result if the input is one or more Chinese characters because it will break the string of characters down into individual characters. At least the individual characters will have entries. See the description in the Help section Breaking Chinese phrases into words for more details on phrase mode.

If the individual characters do not entries or if you have a word that you feel should be in the dictionary please let me know by sending an email to

汉字字体 Chinese Fonts


Development of written symbols was a critical step in the evolution of human society. The long history of Chinese characters makes it especially interesting to study. The study of Chinese characters makes them especially interesting to study. In addition, their study can help us to understand Chinese culture and society in the modern age and in ancient times. This article describes tools and the historic development of methods for representation of Chinese characters from ancient to modern times, including displaying Chinese fonts on computer displays and tools and source materials for font creation and graphic design.

Bronze Script (金文)

中国史数据库 Chinese Historic Database

A searchable historic database

汉语语法入门 An Introduction to Chinese Grammar

Introduces Chinese parts of speech, phrases, sentence elements, sentence use, aspects of an action, special predicates and complex sentences.

古文入门 Introduction to Classical Chinese

A gentle introduction for learners with minimal background in modern Chinese or even none at all, this article outlines development and history of the language, grammar, important authors, and gives a number of examples with text in both Chinese and English

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